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He met those expectations, earning first-team All-Pro at defensive back and second team as a safety.

The Chiefs knew from his past stops in Arizona and Houston that he would be someone others in the locker room would look and listen to in good times and bad. But they weren’t quite expecting Mathieu to come in and take over the way he has in Year 1. Coach Andy Reid called the phenomenon extraordinary.

“This organization was blessed to have Eric Berry … a great leader, tough, all those things,” Reid said. “Before that I was with Brian Dawkins. I’ve been lucky to be around some really good safeties. They’re all different in their own way but they’re all great football players with great instincts and good leaders. They lead a different way.

“This kid here, he’s a special kid. He’s not the biggest guy. You’re not looking at one of those huge safeties but, man, is he a good football player. He just gets it.”

The Lakers led 81-62 with 2:45 left in the third quarter when Davis took his tumble. They went on to win 117-87, extending their streak to six games and improving their overall record to 30-7.

“I thought they locked back in,” Lakers custom uniforms coach Frank Vogel said of how his team responded to one of its stars going down. “Got focused and finished the job.”

When players returned to the locker room after the final buzzer, Davis was in there waiting for them.

“He was great,” James said of the encounter. “His mood was great. As great as it can be with the fall that he took … I asked him if I could do anything for him, he said you got to win for me. That’s what our team is all about.”

Hiring Zidane back, an emergency measure at the time, turned out the be personalized jerseys the best thing they ever did, which they never truly expected. They had doubted that Zidane was up to much — surreal though it might sound, they still did and the president told people so on the morning that he won his third Champions League in a row — but boy, was he. When he was presented as Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane was asked what he would count as success. “Winning everything,” he said. As it turned out, he did. He won everything and did everything. In such a short space of time, it feels almost absurd now.

This week marked four years since Zidane took over at Real Madrid, which seems mad. Four years? Only? How can someone do so much in so little time? Win three Champions Leagues, one league title, walk out, walk back in, swallow four long, depressing months, risking getting burnt, legacy seemingly ruined, only to rebuild it again. And then only go and put together another, new team that’s ready to win again made up of pretty much the same old players, like some kind of revivalist.

LaFleur thought about leadership at length when he was hired, but even that has evolved as the season progressed.

“It’s not like anybody’s trying to mess up,” LaFleur said. “It’s never a calling out; that’s not the approach that I take. You try to make the correction and own it and move on. We all mess up. It’s not to place blame other than it’s our job as coaches to try to get the most out of our players to help them. I want all these guys to have long, successful careers and make a ton of money or win a lot of games — whatever motivates them.”

Perhaps if Tonyan had screwed up in personalized jerseys practice, LaFleur’s reaction might have been different. On occasion in training camp, LaFleur would erupt. He threw then-safety Josh Jones out of a practice for fighting one day and blew up after rookie running back Dexter Williams botched the first play of another practice.

Kuzma, the planned third member of the Lakers’ Big Three this season who has had an up-and-down experience in keeping pace with James and Davis, recognizes the void should Davis be sidelined.

“Coach always talks about ‘next man up,'” Kuzma said. “I just feel like custom team jerseys if I have an opportunity, I’ll be fine. … I mean, I’m not Anthony Davis, so I’m just going to be myself. And just do me.”

It wasn’t all perfect for Moore, but there is something to work with in 2020. The same goes for offensive line coach Marc Colombo. Prescott went from being sacked 56 times in 2018 to 23 times in 2019. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin were named to the Pro Bowl. Right tackle La’el Collins had his best season. Quarterback coach Jon Kitna also seemed to get the best out of Prescott.

There is a lot to like about the Cowboys’ personnel and assistants, but the answer is up in the air as of now because there’s uncertainty if McCarthy will want to bring in his own coaches.