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With a game at Green Bay next, they are becoming convinced their defense can be just as sweet.

Green Bay, without quarterback Aaron Rodgers, now confronts this makeover Saints defense. Rodgers’ collarbone injury and loss give the Saints another reason to believe they can elevate toward NFC elite status.

Just look at what John Lynch, GM of the 49ers, said before the game last week.

I am proud of our guys’ effort. I think you see a team that is fighting. I think now what we have to get to our team, and we go back is showing them, here’s the difference between winning and losing. And so, in addition to the tremendous effort and fight, we’ve got to execute, guys. We’re gotta not beat ourselves. All of a sudden these turn into wins.

At no point did it look like Rodgers and the Pack were going to play for a field goal. After he scampered for this 18-yard run, it was even more obvious:

Rodgers would later miss Davante Adams for the game-winner but decided he was going to go right back to him like a boss.

Game. Blouses.

Rodgers always plays well in Dallas, and he knows it. Afterward he said, They should have the Super Bowl here every year.

Just think of all the kids growing up in Dallas who are going to hate Rodgers for the rest of their lives because of how good he’s been against the Cowboys. It’s perfect!

Jack Del Rio called the head … scratchingest(?) play of the weekend when deep in his own territory he called for a fake punt on fourth-and-11 in the third quarter against Denver. Raiders punter Marquette King was quickly tackled and the Raiders turned the ball over on downs.

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